August 03, 2009

My Birthday is over :(

Yesterday it was my birthday and now it's over. Another year added. I didnt do anything special, but I spent all day with Nazar and my family. Well, not all day, because Nazar was super hungover from the saturday party. I hurt my leg and elbow, so it's pretty funny how we are so messed up and only at 6 pm we got to my parents house. Anyway, here are some pictures.

My gift: GPS, now I will never be lost!

this one is so funny.

my poor elbow.

and leg

Restaurant decoration. Very Ukrainian.

My baby brother, super tired by this point of the party.

My cousin singing a song. He was pretty good. He is a fame sucker....heehee!
This thing was hanging on the door to the lady's bathroom. First, I was like "Only pregnant women are allowed? why?" but then I got it - women and babies!

Some of the event pics:)
Edible arrangements from my baby. It's so so so so good!!! Best gift ever!


  1. my husband sent me edible arrangements too! i just got today! and it's the same exact one!

  2. Yes, I saw!!! It's so funny... how did u like urs? mine was really good! I told Nazar that i need another one...heehee


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