August 05, 2009

Day of shopping!

This evening I went to buy a bridal shower gift. I'm going to bridal party on Sunday with Nazar's mom. On top of that I decided to do some back to school shopping. Plus I wanted to buy something cute for my trip. By the way it's like 8 days away. I'm really nervous!!! Anyway, here are the things I bought.

Dress $30 and Scarf $9.95 from American Eagle. They are having a sale ( they always have a sale, I used to work there for about 4 years, good times) so every single item I bought there was already reduced price, cant ask for anything better. It was lovely!

V-neck tee $19.95 and tube top $14.95, also from American Eagle. Very soft and comfy.

Two pairs of Abercrombie&Fitch jeans. They fit me great. Nazar hates the ones with the holes, but he will love them, he's just being a baby.

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