July 28, 2010

Monday. Day at the beach.

This Monday I spent at the beach. It was actually the first time this summer that I went to the beach and spent a decent amount of time there. The weather was perfect and I'm planning to repeat this next Monday, which is my birthday!!! I'm not very excited about getting older, but I am excited to celebrate!

Nice amount for lunch, huh?! I was in shock!!!! I wasn't expecting it at all. So, I pretty much emptied my pockets for this week. Lol. (lunch was for for 3 people)

P.S. And these are some super cute nail polish sets that I got from H&M. I still have to show you what I got from that shopping trip, but that will be later.


  1. that was one expensive lunch lol...the beach looks so nice but i though u would post more pics! anyway...the nail polishes colors are cool...besos!


  2. oh dear! if i got a receipt like that one i would have fainted right there, no i'd fall in a coma! :P at least it was a nice beach hehe :P

  3. If I live by the seaside I would go to the beach everyday!

    oh... you have the same prices as Moscow...
    I mean usually we spend the same money in most of Moscow restaurants . 30-40$ for a person...

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! I am now following... Your day at the beach looks amazing.. very jealous! Check out my blog if you get a chance.. and I will be back for more shortly!


  5. Wow! the beach is cool! Enjoy your holidays! Kisses!


  6. those nail polish colors look amazing :) Your beaching looks marvelous. I wish I lived near water!!! Reading magazines on the beach has to be one of the most amazing experiences on earth.

    Enter my giveaway if you wanna! $100, 5 dresses...:)


  7. lovely pictures from the beach! too bad for the high bill but I am sure it was worth it!


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