July 02, 2010

June favorites.

Hi girls!
Im still sick ( I dont know if you knew that, but if you follow me on Twitter you probably do) and I've been feeling a little under weather this week, therefore, monthly favorites of June are a little late, I guess. But anyway, here are my favorites:

Let's start with beauty:1. ELF all over color stick in Lilac color. I use it for highlight. It's sort of like NARS multiples. I like it, and it smells like lemonade. I included one of these in my ELF giveaway!
2. Mac eyeshadows in Twinks, Era, and Shroom. I use Shroom to highlight my brow bone, and the other two are just all over the lid colors. I have to say that I really like Era, just because it's perfect for summer. It's very warm nude color, which is almost matte, but it's not.
3. Mac lipstick in Hue. I love this color! it's really beautiful. See it here.
4. Mac eyeshadow brush #239. This is my first MAC brush ever, and I absolutely love it. It's soooo soft and smooth. I'm in love!
5. Maybelline Falsies mascara. I bought it because I ran out of Maybelline Stileto one, and this mascara has a curved brush, so I decided to give it a try. It's good!!! I love everything about it except for the smell. I dont know why, but all my Maybelline mascaras have a very strange smell. Does yours smell too? I mean it's not horrible, but a little strange.
6. Victoria's Secret Noir body mist. I think I told you guys that I love this scent! I even have the parfume, but it lasts for like 10 minutes. That's why I decided to buy the mist, so I can have it in my bag and respray if I feel like it:)
7. Loreal H.I.P. jelly balm in Plush. Oh. My. God! this balm is amazing!!! It's so good! I have to go to Rite Aid and get a back up just in case they will run out of it!
8. N.Y.C. matte bronzer. It was only $3, and I wanted to try out matte bronzer. I also heard that this one was good, so I gave it a try. And? I loved it! I use it almost every day along with my shimmery bronzer. It's just some places on my face do not need shimmer. And the color of this bronzer is called Sunny.
9. Stephenie Meyer's book "The short second life of Bree Tanner". I love this book as much as I loved the Twilight books. I just had to read it, cause it goes along with the Eclipse book. If you are into these book, you have to read this one! Plus, $1 from each book sold will be donated to the American Red Cross! I've heard they've donated about $2 million. How amazing is that?!

I also wanted to talk about my current nail polish pick. I was really looking forward to find the essie Mint candy apple one, but it's sold out everywhere. So, Traget to the rescue!!! I found this Revlon "Minted" nail polish and it's exactly the same color! If you are interested, I love Revlon Base coat #955. And as for the top coat, I use Orly "In a Snap". It dries my nails in a SNAP:)
A little demonstration for you here:)

And this is my outfit of the day. I went to see Eclipse in IMAX today. It was so good. I look sort of sick in the picture and that's because I was, and still am.

Shirt, skirt, sandals - ZARA; Belt - Gap; Bag - Longchamp.

I'm supposed to go away this weekend for 3 days, but thats if I start feeling a little better. And if I do go away, I will probably be back to blogging sometime next week.

Have a great weekend, ladies!!!! Go see Eclipse!!!

P.S. Do not forget to enter my ELF giveaway, if you haven't done so. Please enter it only ones and make sure you read the rules first. Enter the giveaway here. I'm super excited to pick the winner. We still have until the 12th of JULY.
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  1. I adore Mac eyeshadows!

    PS. great skirt.

  2. Hello beautiful! thank you very much for drop by my blog! I loved yours, and thanks also for becoming a follower. I also made me fan of yours and added you to my blog. Kisses!

  3. feel better hun!!! hope u get to go away...im dying to go see eclipse on saturday...xoxo


  4. graet outfit,i love your shirt and bag ;)


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