June 22, 2010

Random beauty stuff

Oh boy! I'm finally getting around to do my monthly beauty haul. This month I didn't get much stuff, just the things that I ran out of. And the things that I have wanted to try out for a while.
So, the first two products are the two MAC lipsticks. The one on the left is "Creme de nude" and the one the right is "Hue". I've been using them for the past 2 weeks and I like them a lot. They are very similar to my ELF mineral lipsticks (runway pink and nicely nude), except ELF lipsticks are very matte and these are more creamy.
Then we have 2 nail polishes. OPI "what's with the cattitude" and Orly "In a snap" top coat. I was looking for a good top coat and Orly has about 6 different ones. I went with this one cause I like my top coat to dry super fast, and I have to say that it did not disappoint. It's pretty good.
In the middle picture of my collage we have Sarah Jessica Parker parfume "Covet". I got this parfume at TJMaxx for $13 on clearance! I cannot say that I love the smell, but it is something different for me. It smells like ginger, citrus, and spice. I do like it though, cause the smell is very fresh.
On the lower right corner we have my Shishedo bronzer( I repurchased this product). I love this bronzer!!! It's absolutely perfect. It has shimmer, but the shimmer is so fine that it doesn't make you look like a shiny disco ball. And the color combination is very warm. If you like bronzers, go to Nordstrom near you and check it out. It's good!!!
And right next to it is my other bronzer/blush. I didn't buy this, I got this as a gift from my boy's cousin. The brand of this make up is called Oriflame and the name of the line is Giordani Gold and is represented by 2 Gs (GG). It is more of a blush than a bronzer but I do like it. Most European countries have this brand available to them.
Next we have MAC's cream blush in "Lady Blush". I like this blush a lot. Mainly because it has a peachy undertone to it, which matches my skin well. I do find it hard to apply, though. Because it's very pigmented. SO, I need to use very little of it to get the color I want. Something tells me that I will have this blush FOREVER!
And the last good product will be MAC's eyeshadow in color "Twinks". It looks beautiful. If you like brown colors you have to check it out at your nearest MAC counter. I use it everyday, since I got it.
Now, the last product from my collage is this Tarte cheek stain/blush in color Dollface. It's like a cream stick and I hate it!!!! It smells bad, and I have to rub it so much before I even notice any color on my cheeks. It has a greasy consistency too! I just cannot stand this product! And I regret paying $24 for it! Also, applicator is very uncomfortable. You have to push the bottom with a thumb in order to get the blusher out. So not practical..
And on this note, that will be it for the month of June so far. I did buy some things at H&M and ZARA, but I guess, I will include it in my outfit post.
I hope all of you are having a good summer!
So far, we didn't have that many hot days, but I think they are on their way!
What are your summer essentials this year?
Let me know, cause I'm thinking of putting together a list of trendy things for summer 2010.
Till next time, XOXO, Olya


  1. I like colours of lipsticks. :)

  2. i love your blog!!! thank you for your sweet comment! :) i agree mac has really good make up. following you here and on bloglovin! ^_^
    follow me on bloglovin too if you want :)

  3. the lipstick from left and shadows are beautifull:)
    xoxo, WIola

  4. Oh I am so envious of all your purchases!! Gorgeous, especially those shadows and bronzer!!


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