June 14, 2010

Rain or shine we were there.

Hello, girls!
I've been super lazy to take pictures and really enjoying the nice weather that we are having.
Today, though, we went to NYC with Anna, who is visiting US this summer, to show her some stuff. She is such a sweet girl! I really enjoyed going around the city with her even though it was raining all day. My nice curles were replaced by frizz and windy hair. lol. But anyway, I had lots of fun. We went to see Times square, Central Park, M&M store, and bunch of other parks in the city. OH! and today was the TONY awards in the city, so they had a red carpet and stuff. We just passed by though.
I wore my H and M dress with Zara sandals and M by MJ bag. I realy hate the belt on this dress, and I usually replace it with my nice leather belt. However, for some stupid reason I wore it today, and it looks really weird. Idk.
Oh, and I'm not sure if you will be able to see in these pictures, but my nails are bright baby blue color. It's the OPI Shrek collection polish in "What's with the cattitude?". I absolutely love the name of it!!! I think it's hilarious!
So, I guess thats it. I will try to post more post this coming week.
Have a good one, sweets:)


  1. very tasty trip. :)

    nice dress. :)

  2. all those M&Ms look amazing haha, great blog, im your newest follower!

  3. this dress is really cute and you look good with your hair loose! seems like we both love m&m's! here they have the special edition all white, blue, red and orange for the world cup (color of the flag plus national color orange!).
    PS: I see you also changed your blog layout, i really like the MAXI size of your pictures!

  4. hey sweetie! i just read your comment and I had the same dilemma when I had to pick mine but at the end they only had my size in the lighter so it made it much easier to pick! But honestly i like both it really depends which you'll be able to combine better with your skirts this summer?!

  5. The polkadots! Too cute! Especially up against all the colorful M&Ms. Looks like a fantastic day.

    xx Cristina

  6. Lovely dress and i really like the combo with the red belt! Manhy likes to your blog!

  7. looks like u had a great time xxxxx

  8. these pics are so cute! I love the polka dots and red belt xx

  9. Like your outfit! What a cute sandals!

  10. this M&M place looks like SO MUCH FUN! i really want to go one day!


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