June 02, 2010

May Favorites!

Hi everyone! I almost forgot to do the monthly favorites, but youtube beauty gurus reminded me. In the month of May, I was light on the make up, but super abusing on my hair. Curling, staightening, brading, etc. You all, know that my favorite shampoo and conditioner is by Herbal Essences, so I did not include them in the picture. (Click here to see).

I also changed my face care rutine. I'm trying Proactive! I'm pretty desparate, I know. And I don't know if you remember, but I was scared to use it cause I thought that it would dry the hell out of my skin. Well, it's nothing like that! I like it. I just finished week 3 last night. I have the deep cleanser, regular cleanser, toner and spot treatmet cream.

Anyway, here are my favorites for the month of May:

1. Proactive solutions!!!
2. Fructis Style Full Control Hair spray. It doesnt leave your hair all stiff and doesn't make it feel like plastic. It holds well.
3. CHI 44 iron guard. I use it before I curl or straighten my hair. Just make sure that after you spay it on your hair, you air dry it as well. Cause i see some of the youtubers, telling people to go staight to styling, and you can see and hear their hair getting fried. Steam is hotter than the highest temp of any heat styling tool. So, just be careful.
4. Olay Quench self tanning lotion. Love it! Just do not over use it!
5. NYX lipgloss in color Beige. The application is super smooth and this color is very nice berry pink.
6. Voluminous Loreal Paris mascara with curved brush. I love it! And you've seen me talking about it few times here.
7. Sephora brand lipstick in lip attitude glamour G10. For me this is the perfect nude color without any hint of pink in it. I bought it last year, but did not use until the month of May. I cannot believe that I forgot about it!!
8. Mac greasepaint stick in color Dirty. I use it as an eyeliner. The color reminds me of a Satin Taupe eye shadow that I love!
9. Victoria's Secret sexy little things parfume NOIR. I love this parfume! It's the best VS parfume that I have ever smelled! Super delicate and feminine.
10. Mac Prep+Prime skin refined zone treatment. This thing minimizes pores. Works like magic! I apply it on my T zone, wait few minutes, and then apply foundation.
11. Mac eye shadow in Shale. I don't know why, but I keep coming back to this eye shadow. It's really cool. I would say, this should be your first eye shadow from MAC, that's how special this eye shadow is to me:)
12. Mac blush in color Dame (satin). I love this blush. I never thought that I would like it that much. I'm still trying to get my hands on Mac's cream blush in color Lady Blush. It's been sold out at my Mac counter for few weeks now:(
13. Lip balm by brand called One in berry delicious. I got this balm at Target and I have to say that I cannot stop putting this stuff on. The taste of it is so addictive! it was $3.
14. Sheshido bronzer. I got this bronzer 2 years ago and still going strong with it. You do not need a lot of it to get the best results. I wonder if they still have it. I will check it out and let you know.
15. Sephora brand blotting sheets. These sheets are not like the regular ones, they seem to be made out of plastic or rubber. They work very well and I believe I paid $10 for 50 sheets. It's a must have in summer.

And my last item of May favorites is this bag. I used this bag every single day in the month of May. I used to have a large Long Champ Tote, but it was too big for me and often got super heavy. So, I settled for the medium size one, and will not be going back to the large one. I will still use it for traveling but for every day this is my new friend.
I Hope you enjoyed this post
Please let me know
xoxo, Olya
P.S. I keep forgeting to talk about Sex and The City 2. I saw it last Friday. And for about 2 days I could not form an opinion about it. It was ok, but yet not that great, I guess. I really did not like the fact that they all got really old. I hated very much the most of the outfits. I probably liked only 2 or 3. That's it!!! I dont know, I do not want to spoil it for the ones who hasn't seen it but it wasn't that good at all.
My favorite part of the movie? Well, it's the part where Samantha was yelling on top of her lungs to all the arab men on the street of Abu Dabi, That she LOVES SEX!!!!


  1. Hey Olya, cool post. I also use proactiv to keep my skin clean and clear! ;) And anything MAC, basically I dont own so much but I started lately buying it since I was amazed by almost all their products. You've inspired me to maybe to a beauty post since I am also such a fan for makeup and basically any beauty products (perfumes, shamppos, creams, etc).I totally know what you mean about the too heavy Long Champ, I got one for my bday last year and I barely use it unless I am traveling!
    PS: sorry to make you wait for the new sandals pictures, i was a bit lazy yesterday to do it...and I believe you also made us wait for your latest 2 pairs of Zara sandals didnn't you? :P

  2. i was thinking of using proactiv too! i had some CRAZY break outs last month and i was seriously ready to just go and buy the stuff. do you think it's making a difference in your skin?

  3. i love how u shared all ur favorites! - i'm a simple simple simple girl when it comes to beauty - it's literally moisterizer on the face and i'm out ..

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. fun favorites! i've been seeing versions of this bag everywhere and i'm really loving it :)

  5. I adore Mac eyeshadows, too :)

  6. I'd like to try CHI 44, but I think they dont sell it in Moscow. ALso there is no Olay lotion and fructis spray :)

    Voluminous Loreal Paris mascara is my favorite too!

    My may favorite is bobby brown blush 16 Peony
    Dior Bronze Sun couture pallette (new summer collection)

  7. I love Voluminous mascara too :-) Thanks for sharing your favorites - I spent way too much time debating just how false the write-up on the back of packages is in the drugstore before purchasing!

  8. Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

  9. that VS perfume is amazing! and love the bottle...I want to get a longchamp tote too but in grey/black or blue...where did u get yours? and yeah i got a nivea self tanning lotion and i over used it once, not doing that again...i had lines on my stomach lol


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