June 16, 2010

nothing to match.

Outfit of the day/night. I have to say that sometimes I get super lazy and don't want to dress up, no matter what. I guess, today was that type of a day. I did wear my Aldo wedges, though. I love them. Mostly because they are super comfortable and because they have studs on them. I know that studs are not here to stay forever, but I do like the trend. So, I might as well wear them while I can. Also, because of the humid weather that we are having I decided to spare my hair from curling and straightening and just have it in a pony tail like EVERY DAY. And I've been into pale make up dos. My random writing can go on forever, but I will cut it now.

Have a great day, bloggers:)

XOXO, Olya


  1. i liked your outfit. it looks great actually.

  2. yay,,,, good job,,, i love blue jeans that your wearing,, what are they?


  3. Jeans are from Kenneth Cole, guys.

  4. nice blouse. :)

    greets :)

  5. wow..your zebra top is awesome!


    Kisses from Atlanta~


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