July 20, 2009

Baby shower!

Baby shower invitation

So, yesterday I attended my first baby shower ever. It was fun. Food, drinks, company. But, geez, some people bought really bad gifts. I understand if a gift is coming from gradma and relatives than it's ok to buy bath gels and soaps, the rest should have thought more. Mean, I know, but come on! Don't put a shower gel into a bag and thinks that it's a nice gift! Anyway. Tanya's husband got her a tiffany's necklace that is shaped into a mom and a daughter, and for the baby he got an original tiffany Man in the Moon rattle. So cute!!!

Mommy to be

Time to open gifts!
My souvenirs: scented candle and some sweets

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  1. i agree about the gifts thing. i know it sounds awful, but some of the stuff i get for my baby i can't believe people would think i'd want/need. i'd rather just a gift card if they don't know what to get.


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