July 27, 2009

one thing ends new thing begins....

Hi! Today is a very busy day for me. I need to buy birthday gifts and find a dress for Saturdays party. My stepdad's birthday party. Also, today in the mail I recieved a thank you note from Tanya and an invitation to a wedding. The wedding is in Poland next week, so unfortunatelly I will not be able to go. I wish it was 2 weeks from now, than it would work since I will be in Ukraine. But anyway, now I have to run.
I like that the thank you note is the same as the invitation. Scroll down to "Baby shower" to see invitation.
Wedding invitation. Very simple but tasteful.
And this is at the new restaurant "Tula" around my house. It is some what expensive. We left a little bit over $100 in there just for two ( we got a bottle of wine though). Portions are small, however, it tasted great. Inside decor is very chic too. And they have a good selection of wine. I was drunk again. haha...

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  1. miss u! coming to rockland anytime soon?before u leave to Ukraine?



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