July 19, 2009

Baby shopping

Hello! I have been away the past week and very busy with school, therefore, didnt get a chance to blog much. But today, I had to go to the mall and find a gift for a baby. One of the girls from work is having a baby girl and tomorrow is her baby shower. I have never been to this type of event and have no idea what to buy. She had registry at BabyRus, but people told me that nothing is left there to buy, so the only thing I can buy now is clothes, which is fine with me, cause I love shopping for babies. Everything is so small and cute. And along the way I bought some stuff for my niece and my best friend's baby. So, when it's time to go to Ukraine I will not be running around like crazy looking for gifts.
So, this is my baby shower gift. I got it at GYMBOREE store. It's from 3 to 6 months, so baby will be able to wear this for winter holidays.
Here there are two of the same type of shirt - green and yellow. Yellow is for my niece, green and grey with the cat is for my best friends baby Olya. Elephant hair pins are for the one that has enough hair -_-*
This jacket and swim suit is for my friends baby - Olya.
For my niece I also got this other outfit and a pair of jeans. they are so cool that I would wear them if I could fit into them!

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