April 03, 2010

Shopping Haul, Part 1

Hi guys!! just as I promised, I'm doing a haul post on the things that I bought recently. First I will write about the beauty things, then clothes. In the beauty haul there will be things from department stores and some of the drugstore items. Enjoy and let me know what you think about my picks. I'm interested in your oppinion.

So these are the department store items. They are from Nordstrom and Sephora.

Number 1 is the Urban Decay eyelid primer Potion. It works great!!! It is as good as the Bare Minerals eye primer.
Number 2 is the MAC pore minimizer + foundation primer. This stuff is awsome!!! I use it on my T-zone and my pores are GONE!!! This is going on my repurchase list.
Numer 3 is the Clinique even better liquid foundation in 03 Ivory. I like this foundation a lot because it is for oily skin and doesn't make my skin break out.
Number 4 is my all time favorite mascara - Lancome Virtuose. I cannot explain how good this mascara is for me. I love it!
Some of the eyeshadows that I got: Lancome Click, MAC Trax, and a free sample quad from Lancome.
These are the colors from bottom: MAC Trax, Lancome Click, and the upper two are from the free quad.

My free gift from Lancome. I really like the cosmetic bag (a lot of space) and lipgloss (super smooth). The rest of these things are mainly to prevent aging and I haven't tried it yet, except for the little white jar with black top. It's supposed to prevent puffy eyes. I used it twice overnight and it works. On the other stuff I will get back to you guys.
These are the drugstore items that I picked up. Lip products are from Target.

Two Maybelline lipsticks in 515 Coral Crush and 145 Pink Plaza. I absolutely love the coral crush. It looks like a crazy color, Iknow. however, it goes with my skin color so well. And I like Maybelline lipsticks a lot. Their quality is very good.
Colors of lip products from top: Revlon in Lilac Pastelle, Maybelline 515 Coral Crush, and 145 Pink Plaza.
Bronzer Brush(very good) and bronzer from Hard Candy in 126 Pin Up. The bronzer is from Walmart and the brush is from TJ Maxx.

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