April 27, 2010

For those who LIVE in their JEANS!

So, many of you know, that I'm a student. And what I have noticed over the years, is that now more and more girls in my school look stylish. There are a lot of girls who are into sweatpants and a hoodie outfits, but there are some that look very fashinable. And I love it. I cannot say that I'm very stylish, but I do try to wear somehting cute and comfortable to school. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is of course jeans. Simply because, I think with jeans you can have a dressed up or dressesed down look. Therefore, I put together this collage, inspired from Jessica Alba's outfit. Super simple and yet stylish look for anyone who lives in their jeans. Jessica Alba is wearing heels but if you are not comfortable in heels you could wear any flats or sandals.

Scarf, NY & company $11.86

Bag, Lucky brand $99.99

Striped Cardigan, Michael Stars $85

Heels, Steve Madden $199.95

Skinny Jeans, American Eagle $29.50

The same exact aviators, Ray Ban $189


  1. I need new jeans =( nothing fits anymore ughhh...i like her style and outfit, like u said, simple yet stylish...i just got 2 pairs of shoes online, one of them similar to those haha

  2. haha.. I see your addiction is in good health... lol... I would work for shoes!!!

  3. great outfit love the stripes and of course jeans as well! as a student its pretty much the only thing i would wear! also like those sandals!


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