April 07, 2010

Not sure what the name should be.

I recently saw these pictures of Anja Rubik photoshoot for magazine 25 and I had this really weird feeling in my gut. Her body is ... how should I put it?... um... too skinny?! I dont know.. I used to love her. I remeber when she got her first gig with Estee Lauder ad and she was this perfect model. I mean, she is one of the best models out there right now and she is very talented, but her body is making me sick. I'm sorry if I upset some one, but really, there is such a thing as too skinny. And every time I look at magazine pictures, I always think of : camera adds 5 pounds. Well, in this case what is she like in real life?
Anyway, I was just puzzled and I hope she's ok.

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  1. oh my god. that is so disturbing. the second one you can see her hip bones right through her shorts. i feel bad for her... but i really feel sick that photographers are still taking pictures of her and not telling her to gain some weight.


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