April 05, 2010

Quick post.

Hi guys!!! I decided to do a quick post to let you guys know, that EyesLipsFace has a promotion going on until April 15th, 2010. It is for its mineral collection. You will get 50% off on all mineral products of $15. The promo code is EGMINX. Most mineral products are $3 each, so you would need to pick out 5 to get %50 off. For me it wasn't a problem. I finally got more of those awsome mineral eyeshadows. I have royal and mysterious, and now I just ordered Confident, Socialite, and Trendy. I also got two tubes of eyelid primer. According to youtube reviews, it's pretty good. I got the primer for my mom and for my friend who wanted to try it out. Anyway, if you are interested you can go and check it out here. Oh, and if you liked those lipsticks from ELF that I blogged about in my Long, long post on ELF products, they are $2.50 now!!! Can't beat that!!!

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