April 22, 2010

I've got summer on my mind.

Man! today was a tough day! I had a test, work, some daily chores, and I had to go buy a suit for my boyfriend. We are invited for a wedding on May 1st, so we had to get some new stuff. I bought a dress at Bebe. I love it!!! it's so nice!!! Can't wait to show you guys!!! Among all of that, I also made an online order with Victoria's Secret. I ordered a swim suit ( lower left side of my collage). It's something different for me, since I only use simple bikinis or bandeau bikinis. This time I've got bling/chains going on. I hope it's going to fit now! Anyway, I also saw few other nice ones. I realy like the one in the middle, so I might be back, once I get another coupon in the mail:)
I hope you guys had a nice day, and I will be back soon!!! I wrote few other post for you. I just need to edit them.
TTFN, Olya:)


  1. VS bikini are so cool! I always order one for the summer, not sure which one I'll get this year! The middle one is really nice with the purple bottom!

  2. wow--I couldn't wear any of those==if you can YOU GO GIRL!

  3. i really like the green bathing suit on the top. i like the fact that the top is supportive... i have big boobs now. it sucks.

  4. Jess, sucks???!!! are you kidding? people pay money to have big boobs!!!


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