April 25, 2010

Before the rain we smile:)

Hi!!! I finally got around to blog this post. It seems like everything was determined to distract me tonight from blogging, and then my pictures wouldn't upload. So, yeah, I'm pretty annoyed. Anyway. I noticed that Sunday is usually the day (the night) when I do my outfit of the day post, and I tried very hard not to break my promise.
Um.. yeah, about the outfit... It's not very special, just something I put together for the movie night with my bf. I did like my eye make up, though. So, I might do a tutorial for this look. Let me know if you guys are interested. I never spend too much time on my make up, therefore, it would be a very simple tutorial.
What else is funny, is that half an hour after we took these pictures, there was lightening, thunder, and pouring rain outside. So, I managed to take pictures of the beautiful flower bush in my back yard, right before the rain. I wonder what's left of it after the storm?
P.S. For those who asked for a swatch, I'm wearing my Viva la glam GAGA lipstick, with some clear gloss on top. And excuse my hair do, it's because of the weather.

I'm wearing:
Ralph Lauren white Tee
Calvin Klein light grey blazer
H&M mini skirt
Target tights
Nine West shoes
Longchamp Le Pliage medium tote

Aren't these beautiful???


  1. I finally did it woman! lol got my blog and I've been uploading some stuff...I'm so boreddd...anyway, you are lucky about the storm haha and cute outfit =)

  2. i really like that blazer! i love calvin klein.

  3. Thank you girls for comments:))

  4. I love that Blazer... and thanks for the GAGA lipstick .. it looks pretty..


  5. ohhh i love the le pliage in that color! so bright and happy! and yess, the flowers are gorgeous!

    xox vicky
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