April 03, 2010

Shopping haul, Part 2

This is what I got from ZARA and H&M in a last few weeks. I adore every single piece and can't wait to wear it. I will probably get the most use from the sweater and from what I call the "trend setter dress". The other dresses are more dressy and will have to wait for some type of occasion.
Oh, and I didn't really realize at the beginning that everything I picked is grey and black. But what else can you expect from me? ;) I am a blah kind of person. Lol


  1. i love everything! u will rock every single outfit...anyways...i really miss u...i feel like going back but i cant...sucks...im gonna switch careers u know...im a real mess right now...i will write u more soon...hope everything is well, enjoy the warmer weather and write me when u get a chance

  2. cool dress, i think it will be amazing with your black wedges! and red lipstick!


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