May 16, 2010

Who's that handsome man?!

Hello, dear bloggers!
Today was a very important day in my life. My little brother had his First Communion. And I, his big sister, have to admit that I had a few emotional moments with tears in my eyes. It's just he grew up so fast!!! I was thirteen when this little munchkin was born. Crazy!!! And now, he's like this person in my life who I still treat like a little brother. However, today was like a day of letting go... letting go of the feeling that he is still a baby, and a feeling that he doesn't really know whats going on in life. Today he was SO NOT like a baby! He was very different to me today; serious and mature. He's grown up so much.
Anyway, I will stop talking about how much awakening I had today!!! lol
The weather was beautiful! I love the colors of these pictures. So fresh and vibrant!
I'm posting few pictures with Nick and then few vain pictures of myself.
I wore an H&M dress, and necklace from Lohmann's. Shoes - Aldo. Sunglasses - Ray Ban.


  1. Aww, cute pictures! I love your blue dress!

    Greetings from Canada : )

  2. you are looking so cute Olya, really pretty dress and your bro is cute! ;)
    you are lucky you got sun!

  3. Olya, I like when you wear dresses! So nice! :) And I like you and jean too!


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