May 02, 2010

Sunday's usual - outfit post:)

As usually, I do an outfit post every Sunday night. These pictures are from last week though. I was planning to do a post on the wedding I attended last night, but I need to upload pictures to my computer and then I have to select which ones to post. It would take a long time. And I do not want this to sound as if I'm complaining, it's just, I have an exam tomorrow, so I'm doing my best to review and go to sleep as soon as possible. Therefore, for now this post will have to be Sunday's usual.

Coat Banana Republic, Jeans(old) Abercrombie & Fitch, bag (old) H&M, and shoes are from Ukraine. My mom went there this past winter and got me these booties. I absolutely love them. Have a good night, bloggers!!!

XOXO, Olya

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  1. I love that coat--is it a light coat? It's so hot here I never get to wear coats!


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