May 03, 2010

Love brought them together...

Hi guys!!!
so I finally got around to post these pictures. I have to say they are not very creative, but it was really hot on Saturday and I couldn't even breathe outside. I really liked the wedding. There are 2 reasons to that: 1) most people at the wedding were young, who wanted to have a good time. 2) In the middle of the wedding, instead of playing the regular dance music (ukranian style), there was a DJ, who played some GAGA, etc. It was so much fun!!!Oh, no, there is a third reason!!! My dress!!! It's the most comfortable dress that I have ever owned. I danced so much! Everything was perfect! But, oh my God! so many people were asking when am I getting married with my boyfriend. It was kind of annoying. Oh well.

Due to my boyfriend's height I look super short in all of these pictures. lol

Dress - Bebe
Sandals - Aldo (old)
Clutch - Coach (patent leather in deep plum/purple)


  1. Olya, I like the photos and the dress looks amazing on you! Color is also nice ;)

  2. This is very much a red carpet look... love the dress....

  3. i love love love ur dress! u looked gorgeous!beautiful! and im wondering now...u always go to weddings (ukranian weddings) and pple in chile always get married as well....but why is it that in the US no one gets married?! i dont get it haha...anyway, ill be waiting for that wedding invitation too lol...dont get annoyed!lol



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