May 30, 2010

Warm summer night.

My Memorial Day weekend is going very well. I have plans for tomorrow to have a BBQ at our place and invite few friends over. Also, my boyfriend's cousin is coming to USA next weekend and this weekend her friend came. We picked her up at the airport. She will stay with us for few weeks. I like to have some company at home, it's always more fun!
Anyway, my point was, that tomorrow we will be drinking and having some classic American BBQ with friends and family. And today? Today I just slept in late and hung out with that girl, who's visiting.
Here is the Ate's Sunday usual: Outfit of the day post.

My outfit is 100% ZARA: shirt, shorts, and sandals. The sandals and shorts are new.
This weekend I was so excited to go buy some stuff for my friend (cause she doesn't have ZARA store near her); I like shopping even if it's not for me. And I saw these sandals in size 38 (US 8). And then, I found a pair in 37 in men's area! I was so happy!!! They are very simple, and they hurt my feet a little but I guess I still need to break them in. They do look cute though:)

Playing with Bella. She almost ran away from me. I had to chase her! In this picture she is about to jump out of my hands! Crazy little monstrer!!!


  1. I love those shorts and your sandals, great outfit!

  2. that is my favorite outfit that you have ever worn! seriously!

  3. you look so good Olya! I love your hair!!! And guess what? I have the same shorts and this week the temperature will rise so I might be able to wear them. I also have a veryyyyyy similar white shirt from Zara too but mine has pockets ;)
    Love it!
    PS: your bunny is adorable!

  4. great shorts!!!

    what a lovely bunny!

  5. Those short look amazing! I also have a bunny! lol
    Your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  6. good job on the outfit of the day.. those shorts look really good. cant wait to get mine already along with the sandals..
    Thank you very much for doing it for me..

  7. You guys are so sweet! I could not wish for better followers:)


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