May 30, 2010

KM for French Vogue, June 2010

I'm finally putting the pictures of this editorial up because I think summer is officially here. Everyone I know is at the beach or at the pool and the weather is only getting better. And I've had these pictures saved on my computer for few weeks now, just didn't feel like it was the right moment for them.
This editorial screams SUMMER!!! KM is still looking good. My favorite shots are the ones where she's got glamorous hair going on (not her usual straight hair).
What are you guys doing this weekend? Beach, pool, park?

XOXO, Olya


  1. kate moss looks like such an american girl in these pics. i especially like the pool one.

  2. Hi darling, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice words. KM is absolutely amazinh in this pics and really love the outfits they are really inspirational. I am also following U. have a super nice weekend : )

  3. I want to go seaside........... ;(((((((((((((((((

  4. Kate Moss always takes an amazing photo!! I like her so much more in shoots than in other shots! It's heading into winter in Australia (where I live) and these photos make me miss summer!


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