May 01, 2010

My baby Bella.

Aww.. I'm being a sentimental mommy. My baby rabbit is all grown up. She is big and strong now, and honestly, she's not scared of anything or anyone in the house.

Lately, I noticed that she developed a new way of sleeping. She sleeps on her side!!! And I mean ON HER SIDE!!! Even her head is on the side. It's super adorable. But I could not take a picture cause she gets very excited when anyone enters her room. But I took some pictures yesterday. They are not that good, cause I used iPhone camera, but you can get an idea, how big she is. And on the bottom is a picture of Bella one week after we got her from the shelter.


  1. oh my god! what a cutie!!! does she like being pet? and like does she go out?

  2. does she roam freely in your house?

  3. Yes she roams around the house all the time, but most of the time if no one is home she is in the sunroom, she loves it. It's her freedom. And she loves being pet. Sometimes I think she's like a cat. We all love her. Except maybe my bf. But I think on the inside he loves her too, he just hides his feelings. Lol.

  4. you should put more pics of her, she is adorable!!!


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