May 20, 2010

I love Fridays even on Wednesdays:)

I came to a new finding! I love TGI Fridays! lol. They have such a nice service. I don't know, maybe it's just the Fridays that I go to. But anyway, I enjoyed my dinner. I'm on a work out crazy mode right now too. I run every single day, with no excuses! I mean, I have a treadmill in the house! So, really, NO EXCUSES!!! I hate that I stay late at work though. Cause I come home around 9 pm and then I have to work out, take a shower, dry my hair. But I decided that I use to do this all the time before, so why not now? So far I didn't see any changes in my body, except for legs! I have to admit: I love my legs! They are pretty powerful! lol
SO, on to the outfit of the day post.
I wore my absolute favorite shirt with padded shoulders from Forever 21, Gap boyfriend fit jeans, Steve Madden heels, and Coach wristlet/clutch.
I was trying to do a side braid, but my hair is still too short, it just looks like a mess. And I was also rocking my 2 finger ring from Forever 21!!! I have to say, that everytime I wear it, I get at least 10 or more people commenting on it. Mostly good comments:) Guys usually say that it reminds them of kastet. But girls like it.
make sure you check out the last picture!!! so typical me!!! my boyfriend said: OMG, your followers will think you are crazy!!!


  1. ahh i love happy hour at fridays it is simply the best, good food,drinks,and company. love the fringe shoes

    Anna Katrina

  2. hi - i just found ur blog - i'm a new follower (hope u can stop by mine and follow me, *ekk*)

    i'm loven' the outfit - i LOVE stripes - and with the little jazz u got going on the shoulders -i'm dying here for it!!!


  3. Olya, this outfit is incredible! The shoulder pads really suit you ;) In case you didn' t
    notice ( well I don' t recall posting many outfits with stripes) but I am a SUCKER for stripes!!!! And with the Steve Madden Sandals its a hit! Keep running girl, it will pay off! I have been lazy myself but I recently bought running shoes (well yesterday) so I should do something about it soon!

  4. i LOVE your shirt! the shoulders are amazing!

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  5. i think that's a great outfit and the last picture is perfect!

  6. Before you said that the stripped mariniere was from F21, I could have sworn it was the ZARA one; it's super cute!!!
    Love love the shoes!!!


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