May 11, 2010

Outfit of the day and Iron Man 2!

I'm catching up with my outfit of the day duties:) It's been super cold here in Jersey. I'm literally freezing! Today to school, I wore my warm fall jacket and a scarf! Craziness!!! It's May!!! Anyway:) Later on tonight I stepped out to see the new Iron Man movie. It was really good! I recently found out a new thing about myself: I'm an action junkie! I've been enjoying manly movies. For example, last month I saw "The Losers", and before that I saw the Bruce Willis movie ( I forgot the name), oh wait! It's called "Cop Out". So, yeah, I like it.
I snapped few pics next t the Iron Man stand, cause Nazar was really annoying, as of HE wanted a picture there.
Jeans - Kenneth Cole,
V-neck white tee - Madewell,
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters,
Faux leather jacket - H&M(old),
Shoes - Steve Madden

Oh, and my new addition to my nail color collection: Sally Hansen Salon in Gray by Gray.


  1. I told u before, I love ur nails! lol...and Nazar looks pretty funny posing like Iron Man haha

  2. yay... you got the Juicy case.. i should be getting one this weekend.. yayay.. cant wait..


  3. yes, I got the new case... but... I'm not sure I like it, so you might want to rethink if you want to get it. It's very plastic. When my phone vibrates, it makes sooo much noice now. Weird. and none of the buttons are covered, so I feel like they are getting dusty and dirty... basically, I thought it would be a little better.


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