May 22, 2010

little beauty products haul

I'm doing another haul of the things I've bought over the last few weeks, because there are few exciting things that I would like to share with you. I guess, number one thing that I should mention is that I've been doing some serious summer shopping. And even though I haven't found that many things that I like, I did buy some stuff. I found few pairs of sandals and shorts, as well as new beauty products.
So, first we will talk about beauty products and then, maybe later on this coming week, I will blog about clothes.
As, you can tell, my obsession with nail polish doesn't stop. Now people are buying me nail polish! One of my co workers got me the wet n wild polish in Red Tape; very nice brush and color is super vibrant. So, thank you Mellisa!!!
Then, I got NYX eyeshadow pallete($7) in Jazz Night, which color wise reminds me of Kat Von D's Beethoven eyeshadow pallete. I still have to try these out, so I will get back to you on this.
I also got NYX mega shine lipgloss in 129 Beige ($4); it's not beige at all, it's actually pink, so I dont know where the name of it comes from. And I got Revlon colorburst lipstick in 025 Carnation ($7).
I like both the lip gloss and the lipstick.
From MAC I got 3 eyeshadows: shroom, nocturnelle, and sunny spot. And I got my first blush in such a long time which is in color Dame. I love this blush. I really wanted to buy the cream Lady Blush blush, but they didn't have it, so I went with this one and I do not regret it at all.
And last, nail polishes: OPI Srawberry Margarita, Sally Handen Gray by Gray and Iced Coffee, Wet n Wild Red Tape, and Essie Chinchilly.

On to the face and body products:

2 Epicuren face cleansers: Gelle and Citrus.
2 Caudalie make up removers: Small bottle liquid remover ( very good one, did not stress out my skin at all) and Big bottle cream make up remover (I've talked about this one before - my favorite!)
Olay self tanning lotion. Quench. Read on to see before and after pictures.
Loreal concealer. I haven't tried it yes, so cant say anything.
Bare Minerals powder in color fair. This is my second one. I like it, you know.
And, since I bought all these things in Sephora, I got a free sample of Michael Kors parfume "Hollywood". Not my taste, but It's not bad, I could wear it if I had nothing else. It's nice, just not me.

So, here is Wet 'n' Wild nail polish in 213B Red Tape. The color matches Vogue color!

Olay self tanning lotion for fair skin. I would have to say, that it works very well, and you can control the color intensity. For example, it says on the bottle to use it for 7 day to get best results. I used it only for 5 days and it was more than enough. I think if I was going to use it more it would turn my legs orange. Over all, good product and not expensive at all. I paid $6.99 at Face Value. And to reduce the color intensity you can just wash legs well in the shower.
Alright!!! This was a long post, I know. Let me know guys if you like these kind of posts. Cause if they are too annoying to read I will try to shorten them:)
Have a nice weekend!!!
XOXO, Olya


  1. nice tan, it indeed worked really well and i like your nail polish on your toes and hands!

  2. Nice blog! I like your taste!

    I'm a fashion photographer.
    visit to see my archive on my blog
    you might love them!!

  3. michael korr's hollywood isn't exactly my taste either, but i wear it just to mix it up a bit. sometimes i get sick of wearing the same things.

  4. Catita, on toes I have OPI Vodka and Caviar, and on nails I have Wet n Wild Red Tape.

    Jess, I know what you mean! I got very sick of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I practically, cannot stand the smell of it anymore:(

  5. i ADORE nailpolish too - i'm an ESSIE fanatic!!! - nice colors from MAC love!!! .. really cute post sweetie!!

    Erika .. (( visit and become a butterfly ))
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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