March 26, 2009

Summer, is that you?!

Daytona Beach, May 2008

Oh Lake George! I cant wait to go there again...

A little bit of exercise...

Hi! I have been neglecting my blog for few days. School is taking up all of my time. It feels like after spring break we are just flying. We have only 5 weeks to go and still so much work to do. I really need to concentrate right now, cause I tend to loose my focus at the end. Usually it's because of a nice weather.. Ha.. Guess that wont be a problem this time. The weather sucks! I cannot wait until summer. O! And I have a question, how much does a car wash cost? Everyone is giving me different numbers... I thought it was around $5, but yesterday my boyfriend took my car to the wash and they charged him $12! Is that even real? I mean, all they did is wash the outside. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.


  1. wow...he def got ripped off! just washed on the outside?! no vacuuming?! take it to a dif place next time ;)


  2. Thats what i told him... i wash my car for $5 in NY


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