March 17, 2009

last couple of days...

My spring break started. I haven't done anything fun and still have to go to school for my lab work.... grrr... but oh well... I went shopping on Friday and bought some cute things. On Saturday I went with my friends to a Hookah bar. That was a lot of fun, they had DJ there and dancing... good times. Sunday I worked and after I met up with my friends from Pittsburgh. and yesterday I slept all day... My boyfriend works every day, so I have a lot of time on my hands... last night we went to the gym together... i am out of shape! Need some kick in a butt to make me work out. As for today, I have to go to the lab, and then who knows... "It's New York" (Carrie Bradshaw), yeah, right! I'm not in NYC and wont be there until Saturday. Another Grrr...heehee...

School work...

Sleepy baby.

Last night I was trying to learn how to braid my hair into french braid. As you can see my results weren't perfect but not that bad... I always loose hair strands, and then I'm not sure which one goes where?!?!?!?!

Another little purchase. American Eagle Outfitters. They have some special on their jewelry, buy one get one 50% off. I also bought some earrings.

New leggings and cardigan. Forever 21. Those leggings are very comfortable, even more comfortable than the one I got from Abercrombie. And the best thing is that they cost me $4.50!!!

I've been spending a lot of time in my bed... Lazy! My baby bear, Morris.

Most of my furniture and housing stuff come straight from IKEA. I heart IKEA!!!!

Some of the things I bought on Friday: Dress and tank top H&M, scarf Zara. This scarf is the best scarf I have ever owned. It goes around your neck perfectly.

My new summer bag. Juicy Couture. And the latest book that I've been reading "Petersburg" by Andrei Bely. Amazing book.

Deciding what to wear.... Flowers that my boyfriend got me-_-*

My favorite pair of stilettos. Yeah, that bag does not go here at all!!!

Hookah or Shisha, whatever it is.


  1. that is such a cute summer juicy bag! =)


  2. I like it too, but I wish I could remove that huge flower... it annoys me

  3. oh wow! talking about my good eye! lol...i didnt even noticed the flower...and its big!there must be something wrong with me haha



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