March 28, 2009

Kate Bosworth

I wanted to do a blog on Kate Bosworth and finally got enough pictures. I think her style is very cute and at the same time stylish. She pulls off all her outfitts, that means she's comfortable in her skin and confident.
Shoes are so cool. clear straps
I so want a pair of riped jeans like these.
A little bit of an edge
Pink. And she paired blue shoes, which is perfect.
This girl knows how to pull off outfitts!
This outfit is one of my favorite. The boots and the scarf are really nice. It seems like those are just regular pair of black boots, but try finding them!
Oversized blazer
Very nice dress. Simple but very elegant and sexy at the same time.
P.S. Did you know her eyes are two different colors? One is blue and the other one is hazel I think.


  1. I love her style too! she looks really good in that movie 21...AND remember the last time we went to Polusa? u have pretty much the same outfit she had in that movie lol

    look at it...couldnt find a better pic


  2. oh yeah... looks very similar...


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