March 10, 2009

Flower Show 2009

Yesterday was a universal women's day, and my boyfriend took me to the Flower show. It was really cool. There were so many flowers and bouquets there. They also had these backyard ideas, which were amazing. One of the designers had shoes, bags, and dresses made out of flowers. I really enjoyed the show. Also, there were little kiosks where people could buy some plants. We got six. I will take some pictures tomorrow. After the show we went to the garden tea party. Now that was so funny. The room was full of old and middle aged women. My boyfriend bought tickets for the show and for the tea party, which is also funny, because I was impressed that he came up with it on his own.

This bouquet was gigantic!!!

Outdoor idea. I wish I had a place like this to chill.

My pink flower.



One mind blowing dress.


And my dinner. Tea party didn't kill my hunger -_-*


  1. that sushi looks so delicious that i'm about to lick the screen. just kidding. but seriously, you look very beautiful with your big pink flower.

  2. im in love with the flower shoes and hat! so gorgeous!



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