March 27, 2009

Let the sun shine!!!

Hi! Today is a very warm day. I'm sitting in the office but just to look out the window and to see all the bright colors outside makes me happy. School work is piling up and I have this huge physics exam on Sunday. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. So tonight I will spend time with my books. Tomorrow probably too, unless I get through most of the stuff tonight.
Last night Nadya and I watched "Bolt". It's such a cute cartoon/movie. We were laughing the entire time. And Nadya is in love with the hamster. I think the name of the hamster is Waldo! Hahaha. I also got my Twilight DVD and looking forward to watch it.
That's about it for no.


  1. it rained here today! i'm totally bummed. and rain again tomorrow. the weather is warm but i'm ready for some more sun!

  2. I know... cold weather is killing me too... I like summer, but somehow, I prefer fall/winter clothes. it's more creative i guess.hehe


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