March 18, 2009

Night out with my girls!

My girls: Vicky and Orit
Listening very carefully to what Vicky is saying, while Orit is on the roll of taking tons of random pictures. There was wine involved.

I am a little too happy on this picture... Calling my friend Roman and wishing him a happy birthday.
Zara coat and scarf, Madewell dress, Steve Madden Boots, Juicy Couture bag.

Vicky and I in our favorite ZARA coats...

My dish... it was so delicious... It may not look as good as it was.


  1. that was the largest salad i have ever seen! and i'm afraid you're right, your food doesn't look as good as i'm sure it tasted.

  2. also, i've been meaning to ask you if you have a facebook?

  3. yes, I'm on facebook. you can find me as olha karahodina.
    aha... my food was so good that i'm going back there this weekend... my mouth is watery when I think about it... crazy..heehee...

  4. send me your email address. for some reason when i put your name in the search it won't find you! or just add me. my email is

  5. im just jealous of u having zara around the corner!lol have u seen my leather jacket in pics? its from zara...from CHILE! lol...still fits me lol


  6. No, i've never seen ur leather jacket!!! i think u will have to come visit me after i'm done with school... so plan it for around may 16...

  7. I would love to!just let me know...



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