March 13, 2009

Pick the best one!

Nadya and I were swimsuit shopping all night today. Yeah, we are on spring break finally!!! And even though we are not going anywhere we want to get our spring/summer shopping done while we have time. So today we were looking at many different websites to find the perfect one. I realized that there aren't that many choice. It seems like this summer is all about one - pieces. I'm a little disappointed. But I found 4 swimsuits that I like and hopefully you will help me to choose.


  1. i vote for the floral one at the bottom. it looks like a panty and bra set. very sexy.

  2. I know!!! its so freaking cute! it reminds me of hello kitty.-_-*

  3. I really see u in the 2nd n 3rd one =) but they are all really cute


  4. ha! well, the last one is made in big sizes only!!! what a shame! but i'm thinking of getting the first one and the third one...


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