March 05, 2009

Our new member Oleg.
before the meeting

"Podgotovka" - preparation

Yay!!! today was our first general meeting at the Russian club. We had 7 new members. I was really excited because I thought that no one will show up! We had balloons, food, and goody bags with russian chocolates. It was very nice to see that people were interested. Next time we will have a movie night, and we have to make some food, because Roman ( our new member) wanted warm food.-_-* So, I told him we would make russian pirogy. Haha. I will buy some at the store, the kind of cook that I am...
I had a hard time picking out an outfit though. I went through my entire closet and nothing looked right, so I just went for a white shirt and a vest. We had a lot of fun!


  1. you should change the name of your club to the fashion club. you all look so cool and stylish! i noticed you're wearing the bracelets in one o your pictures. so do you guys speak russian the whole time during your meetings?

  2. you would think that we would speak russian, but only 2 of us know russian very well, I'm not one of those 2, so it was half and half. We are trying to get more people to join. Maybe next time there will be more!and this club is mostly for russian speaking students, I dont agree with that idea but every one seems to be for it. Anyway, most of the meeting everyone spoke english.


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