March 28, 2009


It's the same haircut I had last time. And I think it will be the last time I cut it like this. I sort of miss my long hair.


  1. i think it's totally adorable! i got my haircut yesterday too at the aveda salon around my house... anyway, 50 dollars later i can't even tell that they even cut my hair. when i got up from the chair i looked down and there were barely any hair clippings on the floor. i really want something like how you have your hair.

  2. $50??? Thats a lot. My cost me $25 plus tip. But I always go to the same girl... I drive 1 hour to cut my hair. I'm crazy, but I think that if they would scew up my hair I would not come out of the house for few weeks or wear a hat... Eye brows on the other hand - if they messed up them, someone would have to die.I have a friend who went get her eyebrows waxed and they came out really bad. They made them too thin. So she was crying like crazy... hahaha... I had to draw eyebrows for her so she would go out that week. What i'm saying is that we have to know that the person who is going to cut our hair can be trusted.-_-*

  3. u look too the haircut! but also in the second pic u can see how pretty ur long hair was!! dont look at those bc ur gonna start missing it!haha


  4. heehee... I know... nazar wanted to kill me, cause he asked me to grow my hair long, and i secretly cut it...but at the end he likes it too

  5. hahaha whats the deal with guys loving long hair...they dont know a thing!short hair is awesome as well ;)



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