March 03, 2009

Snow day!

Vienne Latte

Nadya and I

I like this picture of Nadya very much

Taking care of my baby

Oh God! So today we had no school. I couldn't believe it, because Rutgers hasn't had a snow day since 2004 ( I heard that from someone -_-*). Nadya really wanted to go outside and take some pictures since last night, therefore, we woke up, got dressed and went to clean our cars. I thought that there would be more snow. Last time there was much more and it was much better. I mean, personally if I have to work or go to school, I hate snow, but since I had nowhere to go, I didn't mind it so much. We took 252 pictures; I was freezing! I like taking picture, but even i thought that it was too much. Then we went to PJ's coffee shop and had Vienne lattes, spent there about 2 hours talking, reminiscing... Tomorrow, AGAIN, I have to go post more posters on campus for the Russian club. The first general meeting is on Wednesday. I'm so excited... We put so much work into this club, that if it doesn't work out I'm going to feel really sad. So, hopefully people will show up.
Picture came out very well today, but you cant really see because it is being resized for the post. I'm wearing Lucky brand hat, H&M scarf, Zara jeans and coat, and Steve Madden boots. Nadya is wearing: Gap hat, Zara coat, H&M scarf, and other stuff that I'm not sure where they came from.
Good Night!


  1. i love your boots! and also, i hate snow too. AND ALSO! i would join your russian club. i'm really bad at foreign languages though. i barely passed spanish in high school.

  2. hahaha... thanks! I jUst finished putting up all the posters. I'm exhausted!


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