March 31, 2010

Work out state of mind.

Yes!!! I am back to my work out mode. I neglected my body for such a long time that it's begging me to do something with it. I have a gym membership, I have a treadmill at home, and yet I'm always to lazy to do anything. Well, not anymore!!! Starting yesterday, I went back to my work out sessions. The days when I get home early I go to the gym (Mon, Wed, Sat); and days that I get home late (Tue, Thur, Fri), I'm using my treadmill. I do 30 minutes of cardio, which includes 1-2 mile run and the rest fast walking or walking with incline. Then I do crunches/arm exercises/leg exercises. Cardio part I do every workout, but the other stuff, I do selectively.
Since, I'm back to work out mode, I need to get some new work out clothes. I used to wear just sweat pants and some t-shirt that's old and ugly, but this time I think I will look into something more sporty and a little sexy. My number one reason is because it gives your body more support than just a loose t-shirt, and number two reason - it makes working out a little more fun. Dressing up for the gym!!! lol
Here are some of the things I found and thought they were cute. All of them are from Aerie F.I.T. collection. Victoria's secret has good feminine sports wear as well.

I hope you like my picks!
TTFN!!! Olya

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  1. Hey! I am new to this and I see you are my first follower ;)
    And I think your idea is brilliant, I have the same problem...been a member to my gym since September 2009 and till end 2009 it was goign well, but this year I've been only once I had promised to go today and instead I am working late...terrible! I like the shorts a lot, you should put up pictures of you rocking a gym outfit!


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