March 17, 2010

Tina Tarantino for Sephora.

This shadow is in baby sparkle. And yes, there is a lot of sparkle in it. I still need to try it out on me, so I'm just waiting for the perfect weather and outfit to go with it. It seems very nice, however, not worth $19. I guess packaging itself is worth a lot.
If you don't know who Tarina is, she is a famous jewelry designer. And in my opinion, if you make jewelry, please stick to that and do not try to make - make up. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but her stuff is very overpriced and is not that special. The collection is way over hyped. Oh, and all the packaging is in pink. And I'm not a big fan of pink. It just looks tacky.
I hope this post is not turning into a hate Tarina's collection post. But that's just my opinion.
I guess I need to get myself into a "sparkle state of mind". lol
TTFN, guys!

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