March 27, 2010

Tutorial: How to wash your make up brushes.

Since I did a brush review, I decided to do a tutorial on how I clean my brushes. Hopefully, you guys will find it useful.
Let's start!!!
These are my usual dirty brushes, that I use every single day: powder brush, complexion brush, 2 eye shadow brushes, and 2 concealer brushes.

To clean my brushes I use: Olive oil, daily brush cleaner (used only to clean my brushes in between make up applications at the end of every night), brush shampoo or Johnson's baby shampoo (both are used for deep cleaning the brushes once a week).

I use olive oil for brushes such as foundation, concealer, gel eyeliner, and cream/liuid eyeshadow brushes. The oil breaks the bonds of any product that is in your brushes and they come out super clean. So, I put a little amount of olive oil on a sheet of a paper towel and just twirl my brushes in it in a circular motion. Sometimes, I do back and forth motions. You have to be careful though, not to damage the brush. After I clean them with oil, I use brush shampoo to wash out the grease.

I just put a little amount of brush shampoo on a paper tower sheet and do the same circular motions to get rid of the grease. Repeat as many times as needed until your brushes are clean.

Then, just rinse them in water. Be sure that the water does not get to this point (arrows) where the metal meets with the handle. That spot has a weak point where metal can start to erode from water, which will slowly damage your brush.

*And a little tip*
Sometimes, when I do not have the special brush shampoo, I use the Johnson's baby shampoo, which work as well as the brush shampoo. I even prefer baby shampoo, when I wash my kabuki brushes. Plus it leave a very nice smell. So, that's my savings trick. I buy a bottle of baby shampoo for $4.50 and it lasts me FOREVER!!!


  1. i bought bare minerals foundation today from sephora. i didn't buy anything else from the line because i wasn't quite convinced that i have to use all bare minerals for my make up. anyway, do you use liquid concealer?

  2. no, jess. I use bare minerals powder as my concealer. it's awsome. covers up everything, and then u blend everything in with the powder brush all over your face.

  3. Thanks for this post! I just was thinking the other day "how often should I wash my brushes? What should I wash them with?" Questions answered.


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