March 10, 2010

The Ate's Oscars favorites

The Oscars!!! I'm finally doing the Oscars blog post. I know most bloggers did them and forgot about them, but with my lack of time, I'm behind in everything. I decided to share my favorites with you guys, because I really like this year's Oscars fashion. It was pretty nice!
So, let's start the Ate's favorites:

Zoe Saldana and Vera Farmiga. I call these kind of dressed the volume dresses. The design is not puffy, but it has a specific shape and volume to it. I love Zoe's dress, it's beautiful!!!

The young Hollywood, Zoe Kravitz and Miley Cyrus. Both of them looked gorgeous!!! And dresses are perfect for them. Miley's dress is so,so,so perfect!!! Exellent choice!!!

Fashonistas SJP and Diane Kruger. Many critics did not like either dress, however, I like both dresses with passion. And these two can pull off any outfit that there is out there!!!

Sandra and Demi are on my list because their dresses are not super unique, however, they looked very nice at the Oscars. Well put together. Sandra is a lot like the old hollywood, whereas Demi is all anout beige. What's not to like??!!

The dark dressed are Kirsten and Giulianna (spelling?). Kirsten as always awkward but the dress looks nice on her and suits her body, unlike some other dresses she had worn. I would do a different hairstyle for her though. It looks like not enough hair. Guilianna, looked beautiful!!! I guess !E does a good job dressing their host:)

Princess dresses by Jeniffer Lopez and Amanda Seyfried. They looked really nice. Not my type of dress but it was perfect for Oscars. So, I say "I like" for these two as well:)

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