January 27, 2011

things I came across with...

So, today we had yet another snow day. And all I did was pick up my room a little, read some articles, googled some wedding ideas, and of course shopped. I found this next item to be very popular between few different designers and brands and of course prices range. So, look at this: the black wedge on the left is from Steve Madden ($99.95) and the one on the right is by DVF, is sold at shopbop.com ($295). Let's do the math.... it's $195.05!!!

Then I was also looking at bags, because I do love my Speedy 35, but I feel like I also need an everyday bag that I can put over my shoulder. And I came across this See by Chloe bag on My Wardrobe.com ($577) It's really lovely, but I'm not sure which color I like better.

And last and least expensive from this bunch is this necklace from shopbop.com. ($42)
Even though I felt like buying things, I decided to stop myself. So, no purchases as of right now.
I've been good to my wallet;)


  1. I love that tan Chloe bag! Looks like the perfect size for every day wear, and especially considering how much junk I carry with me, haha :-)

  2. thanks for you nice comment!
    Love those See by ChloƩ bags, i think they nailed it this season!!!

  3. I want this bag, I don't care about the colour, I just love it!!! :)

  4. it is a tough choice, maybe the tan one? And the necklace is so cute and so are the wedges, would love them in a bit of a smaller wedge for everyday.

  5. such amazing necklace *_*
    very nice blog
    follow ;)

  6. I need to stop purchasing things!!! Ah!!!

    That necklace is too cute tho...

    Lovely blog :)


  7. Hey girl,

    thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, and happy bday!

    As for the NYC skyline as opposed to a Canadian one - I worked in NYC on two different occasions and I visit often. Some day I want to be back and working in NYC (I believe it's the fashion capital!!)

    Thanks for your questions, and love your blog sweetie!!




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