January 13, 2011

today's hair do.

Just a quick post on the hair today. It took me about 20 min to braid my hair into this sleek braid. I wish it was more messy and funky. Maybe next time, I still need some practice.
I hope every one is enjoying their week so far, cause tomorrow is friday!!!!!


  1. love it! and you did it by yourself? I'm impressed. :)

  2. so pretty Olya! I like also that it is nice and neat, it is a change from the pouffy version!
    And the bride to be diet? Send me a link! I am not getting married but realised that half my pants are not fitting me since after my holiday :( SHame on me! And yeah Crumbs instead of Magnolia...not my decision, but we happened to pass by a Crumbs and my brother kept saying they were so good so I had to give them a try...:(
    I tried today the marrocan oil shampoo and conditioner and I didnt even have to use the serum, plus they are paraben, sulfate and some other chemical FREE! Meaning my hair wont get greasy fast. Well I still need to see in 2 more days...

  3. I love this braid, it gets easier and much faster with practice! I wear this kind of braid a lot these days!


  4. Дуже класно!!! Не знаю,як це в тебе вийшло!!! Колір волосся хороший:)

  5. Ahhh! Is that a Fish Braid?! I looove them but I have no idea how to do them!! Gorgeous :-)


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