January 17, 2011

we are still celebrating

So, today was my boyfriend's real birthday. We were planning to go skiing again, but due to my work schedule for the week, it didn't work out. But a little get together with the fam, worked out pretty well.

I wore: ZARA - coat, scarf, pants, shirt, and shoes!!! Louis Vuitton - bag; Essie Mint Candy Apple on nails.


  1. I love your shies and shirt so much! :)

  2. *shoes not shies :D

  3. Love your scarf and blazer:)

  4. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  5. did I also miss this post? I think my GFC is a not updating me all the time! But where is the leopard scarf from? Love it! ANd happy bday to your sweet bf, he seems so nice, always smiling ;)
    And yeah those Zara heels are SICK!


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