February 01, 2011

My January Favorites

Oh my gosh! This is probably the first time I'm actually doing monthly favorites right on the first day of a new months. Cause you know, usually I'm like one week off. So, this is pretty exciting for me!
This months was amazing with some new products that I have discovered along with all old products that I continue to love. Lets get started!
1. Epicuren - Acidophilus Probiotic Face cream(this bottle 30ml was about $20). Just another fantastic product from Epicuren. I truly believe that this line is amazing and everytime I try something new, I love it. This cream helps to calm skin and rid it of any inflamation from blemishes.
2. Epicuren Noni Hermal Elixir anti-oxidant( about $20). I use it after I wash my face and it makes it very tight and smooth. On the bottle it says that it helps to recover skin from sun burn or wind damage. Great in this cold weather that we are having on the NE coast.
3. Lancome Teint Idole Foundation($32). You all know I love this stuff! I'm going back and forth with the Mac Prolong wear foundation, but this one is still a winner for me. It gives me more natural look, where Mac prolong wear is truly LONG WEAR foundation. I did purchase this Lancome foundation in a lighter shade for the winter(buff 4C), cause Buff 5C was getting a little too dark for my pale face.
4. Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser($6). I bought this cleanser because I ran out of my Epicuren Citrus cleanser and had to wait for the new one to arrive for sometime. And I have to say, that this one is really nice too. The best thing about it - it smells very soothing and refreshing. I really enjoy using it in the morning.
5. Lush Charity Pot body cream(Lush special- $5). I have to warn you that this product is extremely greasy, but it is very good during these skin drying winter months.
6. Lancome Virtuose mascara ($24)- My old time favorite. I am trying to use the products that I have with out buying new one, and since I have another backup of this mascara already I still need to finish this one. I love the curved brush! and there is never any fall out!
7. Mac eyeliner pencil in Teddy($14). In my opinion it is the best shade of brown that I have tried so far. I keep going back to it, when I get sick of my regular black.
8. Benefit Creaseless cream eyeshadow in Birthday Suit($18). OMG! I love this shadow! It cannot be compared to Mac's paint pots, because it is way better! and I honestly used it every single day from the day I got it, which was the first week of January. And it smells like cake, I really like it!
9. As you might know, my eyelids are very sensitive to eye makeup removers. I tried so many ( about 10 different ones) and the one I was using lately was Lancome, which works very well. But the price of it is killing me($24) and it goes so fast! I usually finish that bottle in 1 months or less. SO... for Christmas I got a bottle of Mary Kay eye make up remover. And I have to say that this is THE BEST eye make up remover that I have tried! It works like magic! I don't know how will I repurchase, since I do not know any sellers that are near me, but I will have to figure it out somehow. Soulmate!(do not know the price, but heard it was about $12-15)*
10. Smashbox Light Fusion bronzer/highlighter. I have had this thing for 1.5 year and it is almost done. I really like the glow it give me and unlike my Shisheido bronzer is not as dark, so for winter when I'm pale it's perfect. I will be repurchasing this thing at sephora for sure.
I hope you enjoyed this January's favorites. And maybe you will try some of these things and will love them as much as I do! If you will, let me know!!!
XOXO, Olya

* the bottle of Mary Kay in the picture is not their original size, this is the travel size. I believe the original size (bigger than the one in the picture) is $15.


  1. I had this mascara and I have to tell you that it's really good and you're right with picking it for a favourite. :)

  2. epicuran! really, never heard of them! Too bad there is no Sephora here...

  3. thanks for your comment.
    i know the say yes to - products and i love them. always take a shampoo of the say yes to - line..!
    xxxx stop by soon again! :)


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