February 21, 2011

Daily accessories

Lately, I've been very boring, wearing the same jewelry over and over again. I stay within my old time favorites and new pieces. On the pictures I'm wearing everything at once, where on a regular basis I only wear few of them at a time.
My engagement ring, paired with H&M wooden leopard print ring (it came in a set of 4).

My absolute favorite pieces: Ring finger - Pandora ring, index finger - silver ring from TJMaxx; Bracelets from the left: Club Monaco bangle, studded leather bracelet from Lohmann's, and a braided aqua blue bracelet from American Eagle.

P.S. My Valentine's Day flowers are still in a pretty good condition. And their smell still lingers in the house.

P.S.S. my nail polish in this post for those who are curious is by OPI - "What's with the Cattitude?" from Shrek collection.


  1. Are you engaged!!! I had no idea, how exciting, congratulations!!!!!

  2. wow, you got engaged? when? :)

  3. Hi Olya! Thanks - i just saw your comment on my blog! Yep it can be trcky starting out and sharing things with other people, but i really love blogging and everyone seems so nice too! I am following you now too - so we can keep in touch! I love your engagement ring by the way! It's similar to mine ;-) great taste hehe.
    Better go for now xx

  4. Your accessories are amazing, so is your manicure!

    Have a nice week!
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  5. I love your manicure! And I knew first hand you were engaged ;)


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