February 03, 2011

Another snow day, but this time we have to go to work

Snow again... and again... and again!!!!
I spent this morning at home letting balloons from Nazar's birthday fly away with the wind. Snapped few pictures there. Totally soaked my boots. Locked the car key in the car at the park. Walked back to the house to get a spare key. Went out to lunch for some Thai with Nazar. Bought suitcases at TJmaxx. Went to work.
I wore: H&M oversized sweater, Zara leggings, Target rainboots, Steve Madden leather boots, Zara skarf, and my Pandora bracelet.


  1. Snow? Nothing new. :D To be honest I heard on TV about the snow problem which you have in the States and I have to tell you that it's not funny anymore... Hope it'll stop snowing and will mealt down really soon (yeah, I hope for the same to happen with polish snow :D ).

  2. It is so strange to me to think it's snowing snowing snowing where you are, but so hot and warm where I am! I have never played in snow like that before - I've only ever seen it once!! So I'm a bit jealous but I could understand if you were a bit over it by now!! :-)

  3. Snow day! always fun and i definately had one yesterday also! Great post ...



  4. О, так в вас сніг а в нас чисті дороги і -2градуси!!! Класні гумаки!!!

  5. I'm so glad the snow is gone here! But you're rokin' it with those boots :D Really cute!

  6. I hate snow! I just can't wait for the spring to come!Love your scarf :*

  7. that dress sweater is so pretty! And you bought suitcases!? Are you traveling somewhere!?

  8. heya! thanks for ur comment on my blog~ Lai Xi is a cantonese term for red pockets/envelopes that family give to children on chinese new year!

  9. Oh and I'm following you now!! :)

    Hope you can do the same love!



  10. love you animal print scarf!!
    and happy birthday?


  11. Hey I have just been introduced to your blog - it's great I will visit again for sure! Love your posts and outfits. btw - what is that soup in this post? It looks good for a cold day!
    If you have time check out my blog - about all things beautiful from a Kiwi girl on the west coast of Australia...Rachelle xxx

  12. miss Liv, we should trade spaces for few weeks;) how would you like that? I would love some sunshine right now, girl!


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