November 26, 2010


I hope all of you, my american followers, had a great Thanksgiving! and will have even better shopping today. I'm not really into the black friday shopping, but I know many people are and I can understand why: CAUSE IT'S EXCITING!!!( something different)
My Thanksgiving went great! I helped a lot to prepare food, then I ate too much, and then I was barely able to breath or walk or do any sort of activities that involved moving my body. Lol. Gotta love holidays!!!

I love this picture! everyone was so excited to see the turkey!!! lol

you remeber my baby Bella?!

OMG! my hair was really making me annoyed today, because every time it needs to be perfect - it's not! So, please ignore all those little flyaways around my forehead! Can't stand them!!!!

And last but not least, I would like to thank for my life, and all the great people in it! I love you all! I would also like to thank all my followers, who daily leave me sweet and helpful comments! You make me so happy! I don't think you know how happy you make me! And for that I thank you!



  1. wish to try black Friday shopping sometime. :D

  2. oh Happy thanksgiving to you! That turkey looks amazing ;)
    And your baby bella is so cute!
    Love your top!

  3. kingaaa, black friday shopping is a madnesss!!! I usually stay home;)

  4. Catita, my dress is from Forever 21


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