November 23, 2010

Outfit of the day.

As promised, here is my outfit of the day. Nothing special at all. I know. I haven't had much 0f inspiration for more creative outfits. But I do love my denim shirt, so once again including it in the "outift of the day" category post.

Remember these? I got them at the end of the summer from Steve Madden website, right before I went to Canada. You can see more of them here.
I wore:
Denim shirt ZARA
Tank BB Dakota ( see more here)
Pants ZARA
Shoes Steve Madded


  1. girl, what a fabulous wedges!!!

  2. bout my chimneys, I did them on knitting needles. it's not that hard to do, you just need some how to do it lesson. ask mum (I'm tellin' this 'cause my mum thought me :) ) or search on YT. :)

  3. Those boots are very cute. They almost make me sad that its summer here and not fall, and I can't wear them :-(

  4. Kingaaaa, knitting?! I know how to knit! I even have a post about the one that I made. But mine is more chunky than yours, so I do like yours a little more, i guess beause it's more comfortable.

  5. loveloveLOVE your wedges! sooo beautiful!


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