November 20, 2010

Lanvin for H&M. Random post.

I'm so disappointed that I couldn't buy anything from Lanvin for H&M collection. And my reason is really lame too: I was working! I'm supposed to work only one Saturday a month, and it turned out to be this Saturday! I was really upset and still am, I guess. So, I'm placing some bids on eBay and crossing my fingers to win. And you know how eBay overpriced every single piece from this collection. It's insane, but I am determined to get at least one of the items that I want. Let's hope for the best.
On the other note, have you guys seen the newest Harry Potter film, yet? I haven't. It's been sold out for the past two days in my local theatre. I'm sort of planning to see it tomorrow, but not sure, cause along with seeing HP, I have other plans. So, we shall see.
Anyway, this was just a little ramble. Outfit of the day post tomorrow, so feel free to stop by;)


  1. olha! the second i found out about his collection at h&m i thought of you.. that sucks that you weren't able to go :( is everything sold out?? that's crazy..

  2. My dress was delivered today!!! yay!


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